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TORX® Fastener Drive System

Item: 1244

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The TORX® Drive System was specifically designed to provide a simple, costeffective solution to the problems inherent in the process of installing and removing fasteners. Used in a multitude of industries, the TORX Drive System can enhance product reliability, increase productivity, and reduce total assembly costs - all of which are keys to remaining competitive in today’s marketplace.



15° Drive Angle

  • Provides high torque transfer
  • Radial forces are drastically reduced, resulting in a longer tool life
Straight, Vertical Sidewalls
  • Increases tool engagement
  • Unlike cruciform drive systems, no camout forces are created to push the driver up and out of the fastener
  • Since camout is virtually eliminated, little or no end load is required
  • Ergonomic studies have shown the TORX Drive System can reduce fatigue and muscular stress during the manual assembly of fasteners
  • Recess completely encloses drive bit, minimizing tool slippage and the damage and injuries it can cause
Broad Contact Surface
  • Provides greater depth of lobe engagement between the driver and the fastener
  • Allows driving forces to spread over a broader surface, as opposed to the point contact of many drive systems
  • Allows more efficient torque transfer
  • Extends tool life Inch and Metric in One Drive Tool
  • Same-sized drive tool seats both inch- and metric-sized fasteners
  • Add or convert to metrics later without a tooling change
Inch and Metric in One Drive Tool
  • Same-sized drive tool seats both inch- and metric-sized fasteners
  • Add or convert to metrics later without a tooling change



  • Provides an excellent alternative to hex or 12-point drives
  • External TORX sockets are smaller in diameter than standard hex sockets used for the same-size fastener
  • Provides greater flexibility when designing for drive socket clearance

Since most double end studs lack a drive system, it is necessary to grip the threaded portion of the stud in order to drive it, which can result in thread damage. A special external TORX configuration extruded onto one end of the TORXSTEM® double end stud simplifies driving.
  • TORXSTEM studs are installed using a TORX socket to increase productivity and reduce thread damage and rework

This unique TORX variation incorporates a solid post formed in the center of the recess during the heading process.
  • When combined with a countersunk or button head design, the fastener is extremely difficult to remove without a special tamper-resistant TORX Drive tool.
  • Unlike some other tamper-resistant fasteners, installation on the production line is easy with the proper tool

The TORX Drive System can be combined with either an external hex or a slot to provide a dual drive system.
  • Provides the option of driving or removing the fastener with commonly available TORX tools or with a hex socket or slotted screwdriver
  • Slotted TORX recess has a slot which is enclosed at the ends, so the driver is less likely to slip out and damage surrounding surfaces